A downloadable game

IPCA Game Jam 2017 Winner (First Prize)

You play as a druid that can control time. You cycle through the seasons and that will impact the game in different ways:
spring - water frozen but the plants/trees grow;
summer - water unfrozen and the plants/trees grow;
autumn - water unfrozen but the plants are dead;
winter - water frozen and the plants are dead;

The player will manipulate time in order to find Yggdrasil, the tree of life.
But using your power also affects you. As the seasons pass, you get older (as expected, everytime you cycle through the 4 seasons, you get older 1 year). But be careful, if you abuse your power you can die!

SPACE cycle through the seasons
LEFT and RIGHT move
UP jump


IPMA_Yggdrasil.rar 37 MB