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IPCA Game Jam 2017 Entry

Files from Case 39
Two thieves have stolen an hourglass from Julia, the godess of time. As they were escaping, they dropped the hourglass, breaking it in half. Something strange happens.

Each one has a piece of the hourglass and the world splits itself in half. One of the thieves becomes a child, while the other stays the same.
They are still running...without time to realize...without time...


Each player controls one character, each one has one half of the screen. This is a co-op game, so the players should help each other in order to progress. One of the players will control the adult and the other will play as the child. There will be obstacles intended for both the child and the adult. The players can switch their characters at any moment and use this to their advantage.


Left and Right to move
Up to jump

A and D to move
W to jump

NOTE - This project wasn't finished during the event because the team had multiple problems, so we can only show some examples of sprites from the game.